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At LEGERE DESIGNS we create residential and commercial spaces that are comfortable, personal, and beautiful. Both interior and exterior design is a great art, reflecting who you are and aids to who you want to become. We have learned that with respecting and listening to our clients our results are even more stunning. While designing your space we will focus on keeping lines, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern all balanced to provide a clean and cohesive outcome. We look forward to creating our next masterpiece.

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“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style."

Massimo Vignelli, Italian designer

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Services We Offer

Depending On Your Needs We Offer A Full Or Partial Design Service

How it Works

Every project is different but here are some steps we take in creating your space.


Getting to know you!! Tell us everything! We want to know all about your family, and how you live your life. We’ll discuss your must-haves, inspiration points, what you don’t like, and engineer your home to make life easier and to be a place you are excited to call home or work.


We present plans, drawings/renderings, construction documents, calculations and design boards. We will have samples for you to touch and feel as your home takes shape. We can make adjustments together and create a final vision. Continue on to step 3 if you want Full Service.


We work with your architect and builder, if needed, to execute your directions, establishing floor plans, elevations, materials and details to ensure a cohesive and inspiring flow that fits your budget and your vision.


The build and design teams work closely throughout the construction process, communicating on your behalf with finish schedules, drawings, and site visits to ensure the correctness and quality of your project.


We order the finishes, furnishings, window treatments, and selected decor to complete your home. Our purchasing team coordinates each delivery to our warehouse, where it is opened, inspected and stored for installation. Communication is key and you will be provided with reports along the way.


Legere Designs installation and design team brings in furnishings, artwork, window coverings, etc., and installs them to turnkey level.  Sofas are placed and tailored, bookshelves are styled and filled, beds are made and sheets are steamed. There will be no detail overlooked.

Spatial Planning

Organize the Space

We will analyze the architecture, furniture, and functions to work together and most effectively accommodate the needs of the employees and/or visitors. Studies show that through creative planning employee engagement, client retention and innovation are boosted. 

Pre-Construction Consultation

Your Advocate

Our Pre-Construction Consultation service does everything to reflect our client’s desires and translate those into a design. We will work hand in hand with your builder/contractor to be your advocate. Having us get involved before construction starts helps eliminate costly changes further down the road, which saves time as well.  

Color Consultation

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky

We believe that different Colors or shades conjure various emotions. Color psychology is used widely in branding and marketing but it’s also a powerful interior design tool that arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. We will help you use color accordingly to evoke a desired mood, or encompass a particular style.

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Who We Are

Whitney Legere Adams was born and raised in the fabulous Las Vegas valley. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2009 from a four year accredited Interior Design Program at Brigham Young University in Idaho. She, and our creative team have been honing their skills and love creating unforgettable spaces. Whitney has been married to her husband since 2008. Her husband serves as a Pilot in the United States Marine Corps flying the F35b Lightning. They have four beautiful children with whom they love going on adventures with. 

We know that your home and workplaces are very personal, and so is the way we approach making it look and feel like it is your very own. We’re your partner, but we’re also your advocate, and go every step of the way in order to create your vision.

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“Design is intelligence made visible."

Alina Wheeler, author

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." -- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

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